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Protection of your personal information and our Privacy Policy
To protect your trust and security, we guarantee that we will not share, rent or sell your personal information to any person or entity other than

Names, addresses and special needs/food, needs, etc. we have about you. All information such as will be used only to improve your holiday.

We will keep all details of your residence, requests and wishes at our sole discretion. We share this information only in cases where it is required by your tour operator, hotels, airlines and other transportation companies to serve you better, and when deemed necessary by official authorities such as mandatory security check / credit control companies and immigration / customs. law.

We guarantee to take all security measures to protect your private information as confidentially as possible. Your highest safety is our priority and our greatest concern.

The aim of our business is mutual trust as well as the appreciation and satisfaction of our customers. We will do everything we can to make your holiday a smooth and hassle-free one. If you have any special requests, we are at your disposal.

Credit and debit card information
Knowing how important it is to trust your colleagues, we offer you payment services with dimensionless security measures. We know that information about payment cards is extremely sensitive, so we want to inform you that all credit/debit cards and personal information transferred from your browser to our site are encrypted and securely hidden.

When making your reservation, your first payment is taken using this information. However, this information is not stored in our database. So, you can be sure.

external sites assumes no responsibility for content on external sites. Please read the privacy policy of such external sites carefully before providing your personal information. We recommend that you also check our details on the use of our cookies.

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